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Adding a pool to your backyard is one of the best ways to boost your outdoor living space. However, not all pools are created equal. The best way to get a custom swimming pool that meets your needs is by getting help from a pool installation expert.

Big Easy Pool Builders provided reliable swimming pool services for residential and commercial property owners in Madisonville. We treat each project as our own and are committed to ensuring our customers are happy with the outcomes.

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Select Your Dream Swimming Pool

Our team of pool builders knows that there are many design options to choose from when setting up a new swimming pool. The good news is that we make this process as easy for you as possible through our expert pool-building process.

To give you an idea of what pool would work best for your location, consider the following options we have available:

Inground Swimming Pools

An inground swimming pool is the most common type of swimming pool you can find nowadays. What makes this kind of pool great is that it’s highly customizable.

Due to being hand-built onsite, inground pools allow you to choose a unique size, shape, and style that meets your preferences. You get to create a tailored swimming pool when you choose to get this type of pool.

Onground Swimming Pools

An onground swimming pool (also known as a semi-inground or a sports pool) is a pool that is built partially in- and partially above ground using the structural integrity of a completely inground pool. This makes the onground pool stronger and safer than completely above ground pools. These pools are known for being more affordable and easier to install. 

Some experts consider onground pools to be more versatile when used in backyards. Such flexibility allows property owners to match their new pool to the current landscape they have on location.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

An above ground swimming pool is the type of pool that is situated completely above ground level. Its above ground placement allows most pool building teams to install this kind of pool faster than other models.

A significant advantage that above ground pools offer besides their versatility is that they can easily install these pools even in small spaces. This is possible due to the various sizes owners can choose from when building an above ground swimming pool.

And More

Do you have a unique pool design in mind? As an expert pool builder, we can provide you with custom pool installation solutions that match your desired style.

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Add a Waterfall or Other Feature To Your Pool!

A swimming pool is already a great addition to any property but installing add-ons to an existing design will make it stand out as a unique reflection of you and your home. Here are the top pool features to consider:

Sheer Waterfalls & Custom Raised Walls

You can choose from a wide range of waterfall and custom-raised wall designs to make your new or current swimming pool look even better. waterfall swimming pool in madisonville

  • Decks: We offer a variety of swimming pool deck materials to complement the appearance of your pool.
  • Lighting: Choose from a selection of pool lighting to give your swimming area an excellent ambiance even at night time.
  • Pool Bar: Who said only resorts can have a pool bar? Keep your drinks at arm’s reach even when taking a dip with this convenient swimming pool addition.

Our Professional Pool Services

Looking for a reputable pool service provider in Madisonville? Check out our professional pool services below.

Pool Cleaning

We believe that each residential or commercial property deserves to have a clean swimming pool where swimmers can enjoy splashing around on a hot summer day.

We offer the best pool cleaning services designed to ensure your pool will always be fun to use at all times.


No matter the design of a swimming pool, it will always need proper maintenance to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for harmful diseases.

Get in touch with us and we’ll send our pool expert to keep your pools safe for your swimmers.


Besides installation, we can provide you with complete swimming pool renovation and remodeling solutions.

A pool overhaul will let you redesign your pool the way you want.


Experiencing problems with your pool’s plumbing, plaster, equipment, or decking? If so, we can provide you with the pool repair solutions you need.

Give us a call and we’ll send our crew to assess your situation right away.

How We Can Help with Your Pool

Big Easy Pool Builders has been providing top-notch pool installation solutions and other services for many years. We are the top choice for countless residential and commercial property owners in Madisonville today.

We believe that each client who comes to us for help has unique needs and requirements. Our team is known for handling every project with the utmost care and efficiency because we value your money.

If you need guidance on which type of pool would best fit your property, then we’re here to lend a hand. We can guide you throughout the entire swimming pool building process to ensure it’s as stress-free as possible.

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Madisonville Pool BuildersIf you’re searching for a reliable pool builder in Madisonville today, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team offers a range of pool services for you to choose from.

You can think of us as your one-stop shop when it comes to swimming pool installation, cleaning, maintenance, repair, and renovation. We have a team of trained and experienced professionals that is ready to match or even surpass your expectations.

Our goal has been to always provide each customer with swimming pool services that they can rely on whenever needed. When you hire us as your pool provider, we’ll make sure to get the job completed right and on time.

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